Why Does It Spin? – Official Launch Trailer

Our official launch trailer is here! Lean back, enjoy, and get ready to play the game!

Try now: try.WhyDoesItSpin.com
Play now: play.WhyDoesItSpin.com

New Episode: Open Sesame!

The eighth episode is about buttons and doors. Do you think the shortest path is always the best one?

Why Does It Spin? – Submission

We’ve just submitted „Why Does It Spin?“ to Apple for review. Now, there are only 2 weeks remaining until release… and then?

New Episode: Will it blend?

The seventh episode introduces rotors. They may rotate as fast as a blender, so do you think the spinship will blend?

Exciting… we got spotted by the local press (IHK)

In this short interview we introduce „Why Does It Spin?“ and talk about reasons to be in the app business.

Link to the article: Developers from Aachen creating virtual worlds…

New Episode: I ain’t afraid of no ghost!

The sixth episode shows our time attack mode. Do you think you are skilled enough to get the gold trophy?

New Episode: Lost

The fifth episode is about lost objects, which need to be found in the environment. Are you able to find all the objects at the first go?

Complete: Summer, Fall, Winter, …

The fourth episode is about springs, which allow to change the spinship’s rotation direction. Would you ever enter unknown territory, if the signs around you say you shouldn’t?

New Episode: Relax… and do it!

The third episode is about the right timing. What would you do, if a moving crane is heading towards you?

Simply creating complex maps with Blender

Modeling one level in „Why Does It Spin?“ is done basically in two steps as explained in one of our previous posts. In this video we demonstrate this map creation process by example and show how easy it is to create a complex map with our level tools in Blender in a few minutes. After creating outlines with Spiro splines, different game elements are playfully placed and arranged.