Day & Night

Day & Night is an innovative and uncommon memory game utilizing spacial and temporal skills. The game features simplistic graphics style and each level consists of two phases, a day phase and a night phase. During the day mosquitos follow very interesting paths (VIPs) and you are supposed to remember those trails. During the night VIP mosquitos will fly again along the same trails, but in addition there is a number of enemy mosquitos flying around, too. The task is simple: kill all the enemies without harming VIPs. For this task there are different tools to be used which differ from level to level. For example, there are lamps which burn all the mosquitos in its influence area. Then there are frogs which will greedy swallow each mosquito which comes too close to their tongues. This simple principle is a receipt for many different gameplay settings. Level selection is done in an innovative way: each level corresponds to a day in a calendar overview.

Available platforms: Browser