Dub Dash – Anti Headache by DJVI

Stressed out? Headache? Here is some Anti Headache for you! Level 6 in Dub Dash with music by DJVI (well-known from Geometry Dash). Enjoy!

Dub Dash – Gameplay Preview 4in1

Here is another cool Dub Dash video presenting various catchy gameplay mechanics. Enjoy!
(Music by Bossfight)

Dub Dash – Flying High by JiltedGeneration

Here is the official walkthrough of the very first level in Dub Dash: Flying High with music by JiltedGeneration. Enjoy!

Official Dub Dash Trailer out now!

Finally! Enjoy the trailer of the hardest game you have ever played! Coming out on iOS on October 8th! Android and Desktop versions will follow soon this year!

Apps World Germany

We just got the great news, that we get a booth at the apps world germany to present “Why Does It Spin?” and our new game “Wicked World”:


Wicked World

Why Does It Spin?

Why Does It Spin? – It’s finally here!

The game is finally out! Wooohooo!

Why Does It Spin? – Official Launch Trailer

Our official launch trailer is here! Lean back, enjoy, and get ready to play the game!

Try now: try.WhyDoesItSpin.com
Play now: play.WhyDoesItSpin.com

New Episode: Open Sesame!

The eighth episode is about buttons and doors. Do you think the shortest path is always the best one?

Why Does It Spin? – Submission

We’ve just submitted “Why Does It Spin?” to Apple for review. Now, there are only 2 weeks remaining until release… and then?

New Episode: Will it blend?

The seventh episode introduces rotors. They may rotate as fast as a blender, so do you think the spinship will blend?