• Who we are

    Incodra is a software company with a strong focus on computer games for mobile devices. The company was founded in 2014 by two enthusiastic computer graphics scientists, who have a strong affinity for computer games.

  • Our name and our philosophy

    Ink is an ancient yet fundamental ingredient for many creative works. Source code is a composition of small logical units defining comprehensive abstract processes. The current era of mobile devices has reached a point where it becomes possible to combine creative works with abstract processes in order to build high-quality interactive applications. Although being fully fictional, the name Incodra is majorly inspired by exactly these three terms: “ink”, “code”, and “era”.

  • Our way

    Guided by our dreams we started developing an entertaining computer game with a well balanced gameplay in a visually pleasing virtual environment perfectly fitting the philosophy of our company… and we have more games in mind!

Dr. Lars Krecklau
Dr. Lars KrecklauCo-FounderFull Profile
Dr. Darko Pavic
Dr. Darko PavicCo-FounderFull Profile